Fall Focus


New season, new goals, new gains. How will you get yours? How Working Out + Water = Your Best Focus If fall’s shorter days and change of weather tend to dampen your motivation and cloud your focus, it’s not your imagination. Changes in daylight can impact everything from your mental alertness to your sleep-wake cycle. […]


Fountain of Youth

– Sarah Marquez Freelance Writer, Health Contributor & Yoga Teacher   FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH The first time someone handed me a coconut water, I had just emerged from a hot yoga class, fully soaked with sweat. “Trust me, this is THE best way to naturally hydrate.” I drank that promise straight from the carton. The

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Larger Than Life: An Interview with (Artist) Joe Wallace

  WALLOFWALLACE.com        @_Joewallace   Joe Wallace is a bold mixed-media artist who draws from real life in the Bay. Blending traditional inks, pens, and markers with digital platforms, Joe’s unmistakable street style uses simple lines and colors to capture the richness around him. We asked him about when he began drawing, what inspires

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