The work we’ve done would not be possible without you!

Join us in bringing appreciation and awareness to safe drinking water. Every donation to Juglife goes towards health education and providing clean, safe drinking water to communities in need.

So far we’ve hosted water tours at 50+ public schools nationwide, giving presentations to approximately 26,000+ students and we’ve built and maintained 5 water wells.

To learn more about our Water Wells, check our process below.


(to date)

2015 Matungga, Uganda

Father’s Heart Academy

2016 Buyemba, Uganda

Buyemba Primary School

2017 Entebbe, Uganda

St. Agnes Mella Primary School

2018 Mella, uganda

koitangiro Primary school

2019 amagoro, kenya

amagoro primary school


Water Well Process

Step 1

A survey is conducted to determine the best geographical location for building a water well.

Step 2

Upon clearance, certified contractors use equipment and a drill (code regulation approved) to create the well.

Step 3

Upon completion, with help from our local partners and contractors, the village or community receives education on maintenance and well operation to ensure the well water is working properly.

Step 4

Finally after instruction and education, well-ownership is then given to the village or community.


These water systems do require upkeep. With the help of our local partners, the community is taught how to maintain safe and viable water wells on their own. If the need arises where the community cannot fix the problem, our JUGLIFE Foundation will send local contractors to help resolve an issue.

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