3 Easy Solutions to Boost Your Health (And The Planet’s)


When our planet is healthy, so are we. Create a healthy lifestyle that’s as good for the planet as it is for your wellbeing.


  1. Pack Your Lunch

Eat right, save money, and reduce pollution.

Bring your own lunch to work. Over 90% of restaurant meals have too many calories, while seemingly healthy fast food options are loaded with too much salt and fat. In addition to supporting your health goals, bringing your lunch can literally save you thousands of dollars. Yet another perk? Your choice to pack your food in reusable containers cuts down on a prime source of plastic waste: single-use food and beverage containers. An estimated 269,000 tons of plastic is currently polluting our oceans, harming marine life and human health.

How to Get It: Keep reusable cutlery at your workspace and bust out those reusable containers. Collect easy, nutritious recipes that please your taste buds and establish a routine that suits your schedule. Do you cook a big meal for dinner? Pack the leftovers for lunch tomorrow or freeze them for lunch next week. Do you like to tackle a project all in one shot? Get your groceries and pack a week’s worth of lunches on Sundays. With a bit of experimentation, you’ll have your healthy lunch habit down in no time.


  1. Breathe More, Drive Less

Now to  combat stress and its negative effects..Take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing–also known as diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing–encourages full oxygen exchange, slows your heart rate, reduces tension and anxiety, and stabilizes your blood pressure.

A daily stressor for many of us? Driving and commuting. Transportation is also the second leading cause of carbon pollution in the United States, resulting in climate change while making the air we breathe less clean.

How to Get It: Add some green exercise to your errands or commute by walking or cycling. If taking a vehicle is essential, join or start a carpool or take public transportation. Make the most of your time on the road by rocking out to your favorite music, listening to an interesting podcast, and–of course–taking several deep breaths.


  1. Ditch Single-Use Water Bottles

Good hydration is essential for achieving your optimum health. What’s not ideal? That less than 10% of plastic is being recycled. By 2050, it’s estimated that the Earth’s oceans will be weighed down with more plastic than fish. Fish eat the plastic…and then we eat the fish.

Humans buy an astounding 1 million single-use plastic water bottles per minute. Your choice to hydrate with a reusable water bottle is one step you can take to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean (and on your dinner plate).


How to Get It: Join us, live your healthy lifestyle with sustainable hydration. Order your JUGLIFE water bottle!


Your purchase helps JUGLIFE Foundation achieve its goal of educating children and society about the value of water and activity for healthy living.


Drink Water. Give Water. Save Water.

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