Spring Forward: Tips to Up Your Fitness This Season

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Take advantage of the changing season to get focused, add some kick to your workouts, and find fun ways to move more with everyday living.

  1.  Set A Goal

Take a cue from nature and set the foundation for an abundant growing season. Setting goals brings focus to your actions and greater meaning to milestones. In addition to the reward of achieving your goals, you gain from the actual process of getting there. Working toward your goals builds discipline, self-awareness, and your capacity to reach more goals.

How to Get It:It begins with clarity and knowing what you want to experience and accomplish. Start by contemplating what you’d like to improve or change about your health or your habits.Add in experiences you want to create in life and anything else that comes to mind. Craft a specific statement that articulates your goal in positive and empowering language.

Ride your wave of focus by creating your action plan: what you’ve already accomplished, what you’ll need to do, what you can do today, and the support you have in place. The next step? Post your goal where you can see it. Give yourself some grace, have some fun, and go for it.


2.Take It Outside

Whether you’re mountain biking, jogging downtown, or taking yoga to the park, the great outdoors will challenge you to navigate uneven terrain, negotiate wind drag, dodge unexpected obstacles, and rise above distractions. A number of studies have shown that even walking outdoors increases vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, while decreasing tension, depression, and fatigue.


How to Get It: Consider all the ways you move with minimal equipment (bodyweight exercises, urban hiking, Pilates). Wear light layers, apply sunscreen if needed, fill up your Juglife jug, and hop out there.


  1. Get Your Thumbs Green

Honing your gardening skills will get you more than great landscaping with a vegetable patch.Gardening burn upwards of 18,000 calories in a six-month season (oh you know, just about 7 marathons). You can boost your wellness–and your curb appeal–in your own front yard. No greenspace? No problem. Get your healthy movement on in ways that fit your daily life.

How to Get It: Take advantage of fairer weather and longer days by finding ways to infuse healthy movement into daily living. Tackle your spring cleaning. Walk to work or that new coffee shop. Take a bike ride with your kids. Join a community garden. Volunteer to clean up your favorite greenspace.


Fitness is a lifestyle we create through our daily habits and actions. How will you use today to get it?


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