Fall Focus

New season, new goals, new gains. How will you get yours?

How Working Out + Water = Your Best Focus

If fall’s shorter days and change of weather tend to dampen your motivation and cloud your focus, it’s not your imagination. Changes in daylight can impact everything from your mental alertness to your sleep-wake cycle. On top of that, cooler weather can disrupt your body’s thirst response and lead you to skip water in favor of a hot cup of coffee or tea.  

Though a cozy day under the covers with your favorite fall drink has its place, you can pave the way for better physical health, mental wellbeing, and cognitive performance with workouts and water. Use these two tips: stick to a fitness routine and commit to drinking enough water daily.  

How Working Out Benefits Your Brain + Body  

An active lifestyle sharpens focus and memory. It boosts moods and energy. It prevents chronic disease, reduces stress and anxiety and helps you build a strong and supple body. Wow, that’s a lot. In short, your body LOVES movement! Physical activity also triggers the release of endorphins— a neuropeptide that induces feelings of pleasure and reduces perceptions of pain. Because endorphins trigger feelings of euphoria, it can help you bust through stress in addition to elevating your focus, motivation, and an overall sense of wellbeing during and after your workout. 

How Water Fuels Your Focus + Fitness Routine 

Want to elevate your fitness, boost your mood, and keep your brain sharply focused? Then drinking water is absolutely key. Even mild dehydration can crush your coordination and ability to solve complex problems. The good news? Even a small swig of water can help you keep your memory and attention up and running. 

Fall into focus with water

In a recent study at the University of East London, researchers found that the attention span of children aged 7 to 9 years old improved by 31% after drinking just 25ml (less than one ounce) of water. In this same study, adults also reported an increased “good mood” by almost 20% after drinking 300ml (around 10 ounces) of water. This study echoes a 2012 study that found that students who took a bottle of water into the classroom on test day scored an average of 5% higher than those who did not have water. 

When responding to the study, Dr. Emma Derbyshire, nutritionist and advisor to the UK’s Natural Hydration Council, wrote: 

“The adult body is about 60 percent water and insufficient hydration can have an adverse effect on how our brain and body functions […]. Keeping hydrated throughout the day is important and with no calories, plain water is a healthy choice. It is also interesting to see that such a small amount of water can see such a significant improvement on children’s attention span.” 

To that, we wholeheartedly raise our water jugs.

From the classroom to the boardroom and from the court to the gym, water is the ingredient we all need to live our best life. That’s why this fall, JUGLIFE is here giving you the tools needed to focus, feel your best, and succeed. 

(Pro tip: Fill your jug, drink up, and get your sweat on in a way you enjoy today). 



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