Juglife began in 2015. Founders JaVale McGee and Kez Reed challenged themselves and their community to drink a gallon of water a day to encourage healthy habits. They soon began doing research and learned that over 800 million people live without access to safe drinking water. That is when they decided to form Juglife Foundation.

Our foundation is on a mission to provide access to clean drinking water to under-resourced communities while promoting the importance of drinking water and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

At Juglife, we host Water Education Tours to teach our youth about the importance of water while fundraising to build and maintain water wells in underdeveloped areas of the world. We are advocates of physical activity,  so we’ve also begun our journey to build a sports complex for the kids in Uganda.

As a team, we emphasize the need to appreciate, conserve and promote water to thrive— drinking water is essential to life.


So far, we’ve built 5 water wells in Uganda and hosted our Water Education Tours (interactive water assemblies) in over 50+ schools reaching over 26,000 students across several different states in the U.S. We recently broke ground on building a sports complex for the youth in Uganda and will have further updates to share soon.

Who We Are

We are a collective of athletes, actors, educators, and influencers using our platforms to promote an active and healthy lifestyle with a key ingredient–WATER.

JaVale McGee

Founding Partner

JaVale McGee

“I honestly began by just trying to better my health,increasing my water intake and sharing my personal journey with water on social media. I was hoping to inspire others to do the same and then I realized this message was actually so much bigger than me.”

Kez Reed

Founding Partner

Kez Reed

“We knew we wanted to become part of the solution. I truly believe water is necessary to live and education is fundamental for personal growth; that's how we arrived at incorporating schools into the mission.Together water and education help to build sustainable communities.”


We’d love for you to grow with us on this mission and be involved. Here’s what you can do:

  • Drink more water using our half-gallon Jug
  • Schedule a Water Education Tour
  • Attend our Fitness Events
  • Donate to the Foundation
  • Purchase Merchandise
  • Share your water journey with us on Social Media




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