Fountain of Youth


– Sarah Marquez

Freelance Writer, Health Contributor & Yoga Teacher



The first time someone handed me a coconut water, I had just emerged from a hot yoga class, fully soaked with sweat.

“Trust me, this is THE best way to naturally hydrate.”

I drank that promise straight from the carton. The taste didn’t immediately wow me, though I did feel pleasantly satisfied and refreshed. “That will be $4, please.” I didn’t think twice about it and forked over the cash.


Cracking the Coconut  

Coconut water is known as a post-workout elixir due to its high potassium content (one serving contains more potassium than a medium banana). Potassium is an essential electrolyte that regulates muscle and heart contractions, sends nerve signals, and balances body fluid.  

As electrolyte levels–especially sodium–dip after a strenuous sweat session or a hot-weather workout, electrolyte beverages have been touted as the obvious solution.

According the American College of Sports Medicine, the solution to replenishing your fluid and electrolyte reserves is actually quite simple: drink enough water to match your activity level and eat a healthy post-workout meal that includes nutrient-rich foods, like vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. You can supplement with other fluids for endurance and hydration as you feel the need.  


The Real Fountain of Youth  

When it comes to meeting your hydration and electrolyte needs nothing beats a lifestyle of drinking water though coconut water does the job well. As for me, I’ll keep coconut water on my list of healthy treats, which makes water, whole foods, and daily activity my official Fountain of Youth Top 3.



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