Spring Clean Your Health and Fitness Routine


Baseball players don’t have to be the only ones getting back into the swing with spring training. Whether you spent the winter season cozied up with Netflix or cooped up inside the gym, spring is the perfect time to set fresh goals. 

Tip #1: Start low, slow, and steady. If you’re just getting back into a fitness routine, or starting one for the first time, set yourself up for long-term success by taking it light in the beginning and aiming for consistency (e.g., a 30-minute workout 3-4 days a week). In addition to giving your body time to adapt to your new routine, starting low and slow can also help you avoid getting sidelined by an exercise-induced injury. As your stamina, self-awareness, and fitness levels increase, you can keep adding more time, intensity, and difficulty to your workout routine.    

Tip #2: Cross train. Our bodies are designed for complex, three-dimensional movements, however many of us get stuck in repetitive movement patterns that wear us down. Spring is a great time to take your workout outside and challenge your body to move in different ways and expand your mind. In addition to refreshing your workouts with new movements, cross training can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of overuse injuries, increase your overall fitness, and improve your athletic performance.

Tip #3: Gear up. No matter how you like to move, having the gear you need can pump you up about exercising. Want to start running? Update your shoes. Swimming? Grab a new cap and suit. Focus on practically and supply yourself with the tools you need to make sticking to your fitness plan easier.  

Tip #4: Fuel up. How you fuel your body is equally important to how you move it. Getting enough sleep, drinking water, and eating nutrient-dense foods actually make you feel good.  To function optimally, prioritize sleep, hydrate daily, and eat whole foods that make you feel nourished, energized, and ready to go get it.  

Tip #5: Above all, enjoy yourself. To create a lifestyle of healthy living, choose activities that bring you joy, connect you with others, and help you clear your headspace.    

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