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Uganda 2015 Father’s Heart Academy (Mattuga, Uganda)

JUGLIFE is all about living a lifestyle centered on this reality: water is everything.

You know a lifestyle of drinking water changes your health and focus for the better. That’s just the start. Every time you drink water you’re fueling your body. Every time you save water, you’re supporting the health of the planet. And every time you shop at JUGLIFE or participate in our events, you’re helping to bring water to those who need it. When you live that life, you are creating greater health and prosperity for yourself and others. 

Every year since 2015, your support has helped us build sustainable wells for communities that don’t have the clean water they needed to carry out life’s basic necessities to thrive and succeed. Once built, our water wells are owned and operated by the community; they are educated on maintenance, hygiene, and sanitation to promote the well’s safety and longevity. 

From the time the first well was completed, we’ve been humbled by the men, women, and children who shine through the hardship with such positivity. The joy of their spirits, which you’ll see captured in the photos below, teach us to keep our problems in perspective. Their authenticity and resilience is an inspiration for us to keep living and loving a lifestyle that makes a difference personally, locally, and globally.  

 Take a moment to pause, and celebrate the change you helped create.

2015: Father’s Heart Academy (Mattuga, Uganda)

Our inaugural well was built at Father’s Heart Academy in Mattuga, Uganda. Over 500 orphans call Mattuga their home, making this well project especially vital and meaningful. We were able to supply them with the infrastructure for clean water and the funds for their teachers’ salaries.

2016: Buyemba Primary School (Buyemba, Uganda)

When we arrived at the Buyemba Primary School in Eastern Uganda in 2016, our stomachs dropped when we saw students fetching water from a dirty pond 2 kilometers away from their school. Buyemba and the surrounding areas are in the midst of a contaminated water crisis, which has the greatest impact on children. Children are responsible for helping to fetch water for their families, which often leaves them too physically and mentally drained to concentrate on studying. Additionally, children are also the most vulnerable to waterborne diseases, which has taken the lives of innumerable children in the Buyemba region. To increase safety and accessibility, we built the water well close to the school, so students could have more time and energy to focus on their studies. 

2017: St. Agnes Mella Primary School ( Kampala, Uganda)

When we discovered that the St. Agnes Mella Primary School had 102 children in one classroom with one teacher, we instantly knew we had to help implement systematic change. With help from Hope 4 Kids International, we built a sustainable water well and funds to hire more teachers. With access to clean water and a smaller teacher-to-student ratio, the children at St. Agnes Mella Primary School now have an environment that better supports their health and learning.

2018: Koitangiro Primary School (Malaba, Uganda)

The only water source near the Koitangiro Primary School was shared with animals and deep enough to pose a drowning risk. A geological survey of the land proved that finding a water source wouldn’t be straightforward or easy. But with a hearty dose of patience and persistence, we were eventually able to build a sustainable water well that’s now providing clean water for students, staff, and the entire community.

2019: Amagoro Primary School (Amagoro, Uganda)

The people of Amagoro, Uganda had lost hope of ever having access to clean water in their community. The Ugandan government had labeled the region a “no water zone,” leaving the women and children no choice but to fetch unclean water two miles away. This dire situation—which is faced by 780 million people globally—motivated us to keep going and find a solution for the men, women, and children of this community. When we finally left Amagoro, the community was celebrating their brand new water well and a bright future with new opportunities. 


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Five wells later, and we’re motivated to join you in drinking, giving, and saving water to make a difference that matters. To learn more about how you can keep living the change, follow our blog, connect with our social pages, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and events.

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