5 Tips for Staying Fit from Home 

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If you’re new to working out from home or aren’t feeling inspired, don’t worry: there are plenty of simple steps you can take to shape and motivate your at-home fitness routine. 

To start give yourself some self-compassion and grace. Now, here are 5 tips we’ve used to stay fit from home and have fun along the way.  

1. Make space. 

Making a designated space for your workouts can go a long way to help you stay more consistent with your fitness routine. For instance, if you have to move a coffee table covered with books to make your workout happen, the friction of having to tackle another task may zap your motivation. 

To help you make a smooth transition from your day to working out, consider what type of exercise you want to do, clear out whatever distractions you can, and rearrange the furniture if needed and practical. Set up your workout supplies, tack a motivational quote on the wall, and return to your fitness space throughout the day for short movement breaks and your workout of choice. 


2. Set aside specific time for working out.  

As many of us are adapting to changes in schedules, time of day and day of the week may have gotten a little blurry (and that’s okay!). You can always restart your routine or build a new one from scratch. 

Choose a time of day when you tend to feel motivated, energized, ready to blow off some steam, or otherwise have quiet time to focus on your own wellbeing. For instance, if you feel too tired after your workday, you may consider working out midday. Try setting a recurring alarm for 10-15 minutes before you want to begin, so you have time to mentally and physically transition.  


3. Stream classes.  

If you’re feeling less than motivated or just want someone else to take the lead, an online fitness class or app can be a great place to begin. Participating in a Livestream class can create a sense of connection with the group, while on-demand classes give you control over how long your classes are and when you take them. In both cases, you may benefit from this fact: motivation is contagious! 

Online fitness classes and apps are in abundant supply. Seek out classes for an activity you already know and love, or have been wanting to try. 


4. Learn new exercises. 

Adapting to working out from home can have its benefits, such as giving you the opportunity to cross-train, add fresh life to your fitness routine, or improve other essential fitness faculties (such as balance or mobility). 

Many effective exercises can be done with little-to-no equipment, like resistance band training, HIIT, pilates, yoga, Tai chi, qigong, dance, and a wide range of bodyweight exercises (such as squats, lunges, pushups, and planks). 

5. Hydrate.

To your body and brain, water is essential for health and performance every single day. While even mild dehydration can impair your mood, concentration, memory, and motivation, staying adequately hydrated can fuel your mental and physical energy in all of your activities. 

Fill up your reusable jug first thing in the morning and keep it handy and take sips as you move about your day. You can further support your focus, motivation, and physical and mental performance by drinking water before, during, and after your sweat session. 

As you build, adapt, or recreate your workout routine, be kind to yourself. These are unprecedented times, which can feel overwhelming. Choose activities you enjoy, give the best of what you can each day, and know that every intentional action you take toward self-care and fitness helps improve your overall wellbeing. 


Stay well, stay hydrated, and stay connected to our social feed and newsletter for updates, resources, and motivation to help you live healthily. 


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