W A T E R   F O R   L I F E .


There is a water crisis happening around the world with over 780 million people lacking access to clean and safe water, resulting in millions of water-related illnesses and deaths. There is a health crisis happening in the United States with America’s obesity rates reaching record levels.

The JUGLIFE Foundation addresses both crises by:

1. Providing clean, safe drinking water in underdeveloped areas of the world
2. Promoting water as the best choice for an active and healthy lifestyle

Our mission and message is simple, drinking water is essential for a thriving lifestyle.

Our Process

Step 1

A survey is conducted to determine the best geographical location for building a water well.

Step 2

Upon clearance, certified contractors use equipment and a drill (code regulation approved) to create the well.

Step 3

Upon completion, with help from our local partners and contractors, the village or community receives education on maintenance and well operation to ensure the well water is working properly.

Step 4

Finally after instruction and education, well-ownership is then given to the village or community.


These water systems do require upkeep. With the help of our local partners, the community is taught how to maintain safe and viable water wells on their own.  If the need arises where the community cannot fix the problem, our JUGLIFE Foundation will send local contractors to help resolve an issue.

Get Involved

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