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#JUGLIFE Foundation was Co-Founded by NBA star JaVale McGee, and  Kez Reed.  The #JUGLIFE Foundation consists of educators and concerned citizens who believe in the importance of healthy living. We encourage children to drink more water instead of soft drinks, teach children the value of being active, exercising and eating healthy. The foundation puts an emphasis on teaching children innovative ways to save water and build water wells.  Through the efforts of #JUGLIFE, our first water well was built in Matugga, Uganda to provide clean water to a school with over 500 children. The goal of the foundation is to increase awareness and educate society on the importance of drinking water on a daily basis for healthy living.

Water Education Tours

Water sustains life. Next to oxygen, water is the most essential element for life. Therefore, we seek to take our message around the world to help others who are in great need of water for a healthy life. Our goal is to share the importance of daily water consumption and water conservation through educational presentations in public schools. Students will learn the importance of drinking water to sustain life, and how being active promotes a healthy lifestyle. The Water Education Tours will be a fun-filled, interactive presentation where students will earn prizes for listening and being able to answer questions about the information learned during the water presentation. The Water Tours will include surprise visits from professional athletes when their schedules permit. 

Gallon-sized Sponsorship – $3,000 dollars for 5 schools
Quart-sized Sponsorship –  $2,000 dollars for 3 schools
Pint-sized Sponsorship –     $1,000 dollars for one school

Water Wells

Our Process

The Foundation travels to places that have a need for clean water. We have partnered with Hope 4 Kids International that have staff located on site in Africa and Latin America. Our focus is to make a life better for the children.

A survey is conducted to determine where it is best geographically to build a water well. After the survey is completed, the location is determined, the water well is drilled and completed, and then ownership is given to the community.  The village celebrates and the community is educated on how to keep the well operational.  Certified contractors drill the wells, using equipment that is up to code and assist in educating the community on how to sustain the well.


All water systems need upkeep eventually, and with the help or our local partners, the community is taught how to maintain safe and viable water wells on their own.  If the need arises where the community cannot fix the problem, the #JUGLIFE Foundation will send local contractors to help solve the problem.

How To Join

We seek to take our message to help others who are in great need, to share the importance of water through presentations in public schools, and provide clean water to communities who are struggling to survive.We are asking you to get involved by:

  • Take the #JUGLIFE Challenge of drinking a gallon of water daily
  • Sponsor a Water Education Tour for public schools around the USA
  • Give a tax-deductible donation to help improve life around the world
  • Order #JugLife merchandise at www.juglifewater.com
    (t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, beanies, foam gallons, half gallon re-usable water jugs, etc.)

For any inquiries email us at contact@juglifewater.com.

Our Team
  • Marcia Sidney-Reed President

    Marcia Sidney-Reed is a proud product of the Los Angeles Unified School District, and in every capacity of her involvement in the District she has been a successful leader.


  • JaVale McGee
    JaVale McGee Co-Founder

    JaVale McGee is currently playing with the Golden State Warriors NBA Basketball team.  His #JUGLIFE Foundation provides opportunities for a better life for families.

  • Kez Reed
    Kez Reed Co-Founder

    Kez Reed, co-founder of #JUGLIFE Foundation is dedicated to educating youth on drinking a gallon of water a day to promote healthy living and serving those who do not have access to clean water.

  • Jane Tokubo
    Jane Tokubo Treasurer

    Jane Tokubo has played a supporting role for the community coordinating health and human services for children and families in needs for over twenty years.

  • Benjamin Quesada
    Benjamin Quesada Operations and Development

    As Juglife Operations and Development coordinator, Ben Quesada and his love to help people in need began at an early time in life and further bloomed during his studies at California State University of Long Beach.


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